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  1. Lastma will still hear begging. Not vio

    Debola - 3 years ago
  2. When VIO is after you, it is “nail him at all cost”! Level 1: C caution, fire extinguisher, Jack, spare tyre, side mirror etc must be in place. Level 2: Fire extinguisher must no have expired, mirror/windscreen must not have crack, tyre must not have expired. Level 3: You’ll go through another driving test: reverse, turn right,…… Level 4: Rev your car. If its smoking you are in trouble. On and on it goes till they have something to pin on you. Incidentally it is not the smoking “Tanioroko” or “Bolekaja” vehicles that are targeted but private cars whose owners are probably in a hurry to their destination. There are vehicles that even the blind will know should not be on the road but they often manage to escape the attention of VIOs. If the attitude is right, we’ll appreciate the sparkling white they wear. Else, maybe that white should be changed!

    Otito - 3 years ago
  3. In as much they are government agencies shouldered with the responsibility of keeping our roads safe, ensure free flow of traffic and make sure that all vehicles are road worthy,I will like to state my experience under the following headings:
    ATTITUDE:- FRSC – Good;LASTMA – Poor; VIO; – Poor
    ACTIONS:- Based on Offence: LASTMA: – Unfound basis;VIO: – Unfound basis
    They are all interested in private vehicles and shy away from the so called “approved mobile coffins”(Trailers,Commercial buses,Goods only etc.that are dangerous on our roads to move freely without hinderance.
    FRSC is still professional in their responsibilities.
    LASTMA – They are like Rehabilitated Hooligans and exploit both innocent and guilty alike
    VIO – attimes look confused when asking for documents that vehicle owners are not aware.
    They still do their jobs to a certain level,but needs to improve more.
    The public should constatntly be informed of what and what documents that is compulsory to move around with instaed of being harrased by a VIO or FRSC

    Oladipo - 3 years ago

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